“Theresa very skillfully provided an environment of warmth & trust where I found the confidence to bare my heart about many close to debilitating, emotionally painful issues. She genuinely cared about me as an individual, was never judgmental & constantly strove to understand, respect & work with my personal values & viewpoints.”

“Compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, solution-oriented – the traits that make a great counselor and the traits that Theresa Dudley excels in. Our family went to Theresa for help with a problem that would have left us devastated. She listened carefully, didn’t judge, drew us out, and used her knowledge and expertise to help us achieve a solution – a way to mentally solve the problem and heal the pain. We worked together through counseling sessions, always with the goal of healing and moving our lives beyond the problem. Theresa is kind but firm and joyful but serious about making things better. She understands how to bring about positive change and has the expertise, strength, and commitment to help you heal and bring peace into your life.”

“When I came to Theresa, all I asked for was peace.  She asked for trust and gave life in return.  Being heard compassionately has helped in ways I could never have imagined.  I highly recommend having her listen to you.  What she gave me were those little mustard seeds of individual empathy that grew to an emotional awakening.  Life still has ups and downs but I feel a peace that I’ve never felt before.  Guess you could say, life gave me exactly what I needed and I’m grateful.”

“She provided me with a valuable “tool bag” of steps to utilize that gave me insight into my own reoccurring, agonizing perceptions & emotional responses to multiple situations. These steps enabled me to respond to hurtful, problematic issues in a non destructive manner, to approach my challenges productively & with a great deal more resilience. I have experienced massive relief from the suffering that I had bottled up for many years & I am now in a position to live a much fuller, happier life where I choose my own schedule of activities based on what I wish to achieve each week rather than avoidance due to anxiety. My overall quality of life has improved on every front. Since concluding my therapy with Theresa the only nagging regret I now live with is that I didn’t enlist her help sooner.”