About Your Therapist

Image-1Welcome to A Peaceful Place, Therapeutic Counseling. I am Theresa Ann Dudley, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 20 years of experience in helping clients of all ages and backgrounds find their very own “peaceful place” amidst the chaos of the this world.

Why “a peaceful place”? At times we may feel as if we’ve become lost amidst the darkness of an unfriendly world. If you invite me to join you as your therapist, I will not lead you out of that darkness by means of a path I’ve chosen for you. But instead, I will hold for you a figurative light so that you can better see to create your own unique path out of the darkness. As your therapist, I will provide the support and the tools you need to make your own way and I’ll celebrate with you as you progress along toward a better, brighter, more peaceful life.

At A Peaceful Place, Therapeutic Counseling, I provide genuinely caring, professional insight for individuals, couples and families seeking relief from the often overwhelming struggles of life. I assist them in addressing matters of personal interaction, traumatic experiences, addictions and other important matters of concern, toward the discovery of a more peaceful place within themselves. I equip them with the tools they need to create a more satisfying and rewarding way of living, loving and being. I truly love this work and I never tire of helping others toward the attainment of a better understanding of themselves and their loved ones, as well as a fuller and more joyful engagement along their chosen path.

Why not give me a call at 503-803-0601 and arrange to begin the journey to your own peaceful place?

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